We are in the final week of the Broken. Restored. Loved series. If you have missed the previous two weeks of posts, please read them hereEach post has been building in a progression to help you succeed in your journey!


Who’s On Your Team?

Oh, this topic could go with a ton of different metaphors.  So here is a warning that I might switch between themes in order for the guys and gals alike to feel what I’m saying. For now, let’s start with an obvious one – who is on your team?

Why is this so important to our journey and eventually our success in life?

Simple – relationships are everything. And who we choose to have on our team can make all of the difference in the world!

It is fair to say then that who we choose to be a part of our starting line up is crucial.

It’s Time To Find A New Playground

Let’s be brutally honest. There are some people in your life that no longer have a place in it. It’s time to find new playgrounds to hang out and new playmates to do it with.

It is hard to think about letting go of certain relationships we have had for a long time, especially ones that have been so important at one point or another. Some people are in our lives for seasons. They serve a purpose – healthy or unhealthy – and their time needs to come to a close. Also, you are growing and need to not only focus on your change but be in an environment that encourages your growth.

Your new playgrounds may also be the environment you put yourself in. For example if on this journey of self-discovery, you recognized that you are drinking far too much in order to be numb to your situation.  It has become an unhealthy habit for you.  Hanging out in bars every night of the week or continuing to buy a six-pack every night needs to stop. It isn’t the drinking I’m condoning here but the unhealthy pattern. If it is preventing you from healing then keeping yourself in that routine is not a good place to be. Find a new way to expend that energy – take up running, go to the gym, volunteer somewhere – just change it up.

Pick Your Players

Nothing against the kid picked last for every team, in fact I root for the underdog. However, stop picking losers for your team. Seriously. Stop.

Choose who you surround yourself with wisely. Don’t just keep with your old crowd. Seek out people who will encourage you, hold you accountable, be there for you when you mess up, challenge you to grow and really love on you. Seek out the people who you admire that you want to be like.

Successful people will tell you to spend time with other successful people. Those doing the things like you want to do. Why? Because of the shared wisdom and passion will keep you on point, encourage your growth and make you successful at your goals sooner.

If you were the Head Coach for an NFL team, how would you assemble your team to guarantee you won this year’s Super Bowl?

Are you feeling me yet? We have to make conscious, intentional choices to further our change and become successful at being our True Self.


 If you’re going to become true dodgeballers, then you’ve got to learn the five D’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!- Patches O’Houllihan, Dodgeball.

Yes, the sports metaphors continue!  Life is a little like dodgeball, wouldn’t you agree? You have to stay on your toes, move fast, keep your eyes open and back up the people on your team. It is a constant moving game. Life hurls large, red, rubber balls at your face every day.

My point here is that we have to expect it – it’s just life. Especially as you uncover the real you and your path in life, expect that after each new moment you grab onto will be followed by an obstacle. Any obstacle to keep your attitude and thoughts off of your progress.

Lose your keys when you are already 10 minutes late to leave for work. You take the short cut and are greeted with a parking lot of traffic. Your allergies are on high-alert so you can’t breathe let alone think clearly. See how even the little tiny moments in our days can cause us to lose perspective?

Expect challenges when you are on the right path in your life.

Go Big or Go Home

About 6 weeks ago, my 13 year-old son told me to “Go big or go home!” I had asked his opinion on something I wanted to do and wanted to feel out his stance on it. He followed up with, “Mama, you don’t want to wake up months from now saying “what if” do you? You tell us not to have regrets so go for it.”

You gotta love kids! They don’t miss a thing and are happy to remind you of it!

He was right though and I needed the reminder. See I keep my boys on my starting line up because they keep me grounded and honest and challenged. They make me walk out what I preach and I love that about them. I needed that reminder to overcome any lingering fear I had and go for what I wanted. So I say that to you now!

Find the right players for your team. Create new and healthy playgrounds. Expect the obstacles – dodge, duck, dive, dip and dodge. And, go big or go home – no regrets!!




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