Ever Had “One of Those Days”?

You know the kind of day I’m talking about. The kind where your mere existence on the planet feels like too much effort. I’ve had days like that which have actually stretched into months and years and maybe you have too.

We are all entitled to “those days” every now and then. When our past, present and future seem to collapse into a weird black hole of a vortex that you are being sucked into. When all of our steps forward come to a screeching halt and we lose sight of the road all together.

But, You Are More

There we are being sucked into the vortex feeling all weepy and confused and just wanting to not come up from under the covers. We KNOW deep within that we are not being rational with our thoughts. We KNOW that what we are telling ourselves isn’t true yet we give in to it anyway because we are weak.

One thing we do have to hold to when those moments wash over is us this – we are more.

We are more than:

our past mistakes

what others perceive us to be

what we perceive ourselves to be

our current circumstances or problems we created

what our bank account, car we drive or house we live in measures up to society

the status quo

this tiny moment of time when we are just too weak to stand on our own.

How To Deal

You’ll have to deal with it in your own way that works for you. I tend to separate myself from others so I can get the emotional part out of the way of prying eyes. Before I changed my eating habits early this year, I would have downed a plate of cheese fries or a bag of sour patch kids. Maybe you just unplug for the day and process how you are feeling and why.

The biggest things you can do though are:

Anchor yourself in the truth – no matter what WHO you are is not defined by your circumstances.

Have a little faith – let your trust in the Truth guide, comfort and keep you secure while you are weak

Surround yourself with good people you trust – One friend yesterday told me to keep in mind the path I’ve been set on. That I must trust in the peace I’ve had to pursue my purpose not the emotions that are rising up. Another friend reassured me today that it’s okay to have a day to clear my thoughts and empty myself out.

Never look back with regret – the rear view mirror isn’t intended for staring into or you will wreck because you cannot see what is in front of you. No regret. Whatever occurred before has grown you into who you are today and to this point – so don’t discount it so easily.


So, it’s your choice when you jump into the vortex of nothingness. You gonna stay? Or, are you going to clear your mind, hit the reset button and keep looking forward?

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