Win The Ball And You Got This


This past weekend my youngest son had state soccer tournaments. It was a beautiful weekend in Middle Tennessee to be outdoors and enjoy some good sport.

One of the many phrases I heard from the Coach and parents was WIN THE BALL.

I started to pay attention when WIN THE BALL was being said and noticed it was each time one of our players faced off an opposing player to get the ball back for our team.

This isn’t a new phrase to most athletes out there but it was one I wasn’t used too.

I thought about this concept – how often do we face off in opposition to something and give in because the game itself feels like it is over?  We see we aren’t in control of the ball and the game is tough. So why put in the effort?

Take one step at a time, one ball at a time, one moment at a time, one opposition at a time.  Win the moment you are in and not worry about the whole of the game. When you win the ball you win the game.

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