Why Everyone In Community Is A Teacher

I’ve had several online conversations this morning that have led me to a new revelation. Everyone in community is a teacher.

Community. It likely means something different to each person who reads the word. I would say it is the people we are in relationship with – those we do life with – and this can be in business, strangers you encounter at the store, or your group of besties.

Here is the reason for my theory.

I’ve been coaching and developing people for the last decade. I teach or instruct others by guiding and encouraging them with transformative methodologies. Mostly, my work is based on the knowledge I’ve aquired through my own experience. But let me be very clear, I don’t have it all worked out yet. Not even close.

Life is a journey. And, even as we become more equipped and empowered we still have a journey to take. We hit high points, we encounter low points. We plateau. It’s this beautiful way the Universe teaches us how-to adjust, dig in for more of life, and have the capacity to do so.

Here is my point – as I’m walking out life making adjustments and equipping people to do the same, I find that they teach me new perspectives and often are the reminders I need in my own life.

What? You think an expert has it all figured out?! No. In fact, if they tell you they do just run!

If we stop to learn from our conversations and interactions, I believe every person we encounter in community can foster our growth. Therefore, everyone can teach us something vital to our survival.

Take the time to listen, to be engaged, to be active in your encounters.

Be open to the nuggets of gold an interaction has for you personally.

Never be stingy with your love and empathy.

And never ever ever, discount what another human can show you about the world or yourself.

We can all be Agents of Change. All teachers and all students. All encouragers.

So who can you begin to learn from? Get out of your own head and engage with the world around you. It will be an eye opener, a perspective shift, and an accelerator to your growth and success.

The beautiful thing about community is that there is always someone who has gone before you to give you a hand. And, there is always someone looking to you to extend the hand for them. We are never alone in community.

Live boldly. Love greatly.

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