Ever feel like you have lost yourself?

I have reached a certain age now that when I look into the mirror I see the years. My insides scream that I’m still cruising through my 20’s but there are the tell tale signs of staring 40 down in the face. But, it is more than the sun damage done in my youth or the ridiculous amounts of gray hair that I have to color every four weeks.

I vividly remember, not all that long ago, standing in a daze in front of the mirror. I didn’t even recognize myself. No longer sure who I was, what I liked or if that was even my face. My face was empty, my eyes soulless, and the fatigue of immense stress casting it’s dark shadow over me. I couldn’t even complete an online question that wanted to know what my hobbies were or what I did in my spare time. I couldn’t even commit to a favorite color.

Who am I?

What is worse is that my only descriptors were the labels I knew about myself. Some were nasty labels others had given me but mostly my identity was tied to my roles in life. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend.

Who Are We Then

Well if we aren’t defined by our roles in life, then who are we?

Now before I start into my laundry list of who we are, I want to stress here that no matter your belief system absorb these truths. Listen to how they resonate within you. Feel the warmth of the Light spread over you. Truth is truth and it will set you free.

We are:

Sons and Daughters of the Most High God  *  Greatly loved  *  Accepted  *  Complete  *  Alive  *  Free from the law of sin and death  *  Not judged and without blame  *  Have no lack  *  Unique and created with purpose  *  Overcomers  *  Chosen  *  Restored  *  Forgiven All *  Never Alone

Until you can embrace the truth of your true nature, you can’t discover your purpose and passions. The other facets of your identity stay buried deep within until we can see just how loved and valued we really are!

A Great Tragedy

In my opinion, one of the greatest struggles our world has is that we cannot see our own value and worth. So we fight for everything we have. We puff ourselves up to compensate and take no prisoners along the way. We control every possible moment in our lives out of fear because we have no security in who we are. We have no understanding that our performance will never ever ever equal our value!

I danced around the outskirts of Self-Worthville for my entire life. Staying on the fringes feeling like I didn’t have the right to cross into the town lines. I had done some crazy, jacked up stuff and I was a colossal failure. I was certain the Mayor of Self-Worthville would evict me as soon as I crossed the train tracks into town.

It’s so funny to me now how ridiculous my thoughts had become.  The Mayor aka God has been shouting at me to come on in! Heck, He even orchestrated this whole parade and party just on my behalf. He was so excited to welcome me on it – He had been waiting for me for so very long.

You see He values every single one of us. His Children. His Beloved. He sees us as perfect. Just the way He made us. No more. No less. In fact, we can’t even wrap our puny little human brains around the how’s and the why’s of His love. The Bible says that His love is so wide, so deep, so high, so vast that we can never comprehend it.

And yet, we place ourselves under our cultures microscope to find our value and worth. Our exterior beauty becomes our value. Our financial or career success becomes our identity. Our roles in life becoming the name tag we wear for all to see. Our labels tattooed on our skin so we will never forget our place in life.

I’ve got news for you so listen up. OUR perception and OTHERS perceptions are not what matter!! Only the one who created us and whispers into our souls just how special you are – that is the only identity you should ever claim.

His Viewpoint Shocked Me

In my great time of weeding out my junk last year, I asked God to show me just how He sees me and boy was I in for a shocker. Yes, you can ask Him. Close your eyes, ask and wait a moment.  If you are still in your own head, give it some time and try again.

He showed me this amazing image of the best possible version of me I could ever imagine who radiated light from all areas around me. I was floored. How could He see me in such a beautiful, glorious way when I had done so much wrong.

My turning point was understanding this Truth:  He is so passionately in love with me. IN LOVE. He is jealous for me. He seeks to have special, alone time with me. ME?!

And suddenly, I got it. It doesn’t matter if I am not perfect in my looks, if I screwed up and failed, or bought into some other lie. The Creator of All Things – The Highest Being – The Savior of the World is in love with me. How can I not see my value?

He whispers love songs into your ears. He dances over you. He craves intimacy with you. Yes YOU!

Read this Love Letter from Him and receive the Truth.

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