What Is Stopping You?

I jumped on my Facebook feed this morning and saw this post along with the picture:

Ryan Blair: Sometimes the only thing stopping us is ourselves. You CAN, if you really want to. #RiseAbove #FearIsALiar #OvercomeIt  See post here

Ryan Blair’s story is all about overcoming. I highly recommend you read more about him and how he came to be where he is today. Ryan is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, CEO of ViSalus, serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who pulled himself out of a gang lifestyle with the help of a mentor.

His post today had 3 hash tags that we should all use as daily mantras.


Always take the high road in a situation. There is no benefit to you to be the one who has the last say. And when we are talking about challenges we face, remember they don’t define you.


This one is my favorite! It is so true that fear lies lies lies! Fear never holds an ounce of truth. Fear always loses. Fear is a big fat faker whispering in your ear that you should never listen too. So many of us give in to the “what if” scenarios, the anxiety, the worry, the labels and assessments we have been given – instead of listening to the Truth that resides with in us.


We can overcome. It might take work and time and may not happen overnight. But it can be done! How badly to you want to be you? The real you. The one you hear shouting from inside of you to get up and make a change, a difference, to live boldly and take risks. Listen to it. Embrace it. Find your passion in life and just do it!

Often times WE are the only thing holding us back. The answer to the question in the title: YOU.

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