Whoa! This isn’t what I had planned!

Let’s plant seeds that transform our lives and of those around us! Today we seed purpose.

I was reminded today by a conversation with a client of mine about the unexpected moments that don’t meet our expectations. How often have we found ourselves in these situations? If you have a track record like mine, way to often! It is not unusual for any of us, even those with seemingly scripted lives, to find ourselves suddenly thrust into an unplanned moment.

How we view the moment can make all of the difference. Our attitude, our perspective, our willingness to participate in the unexpected creates opportunity for us to grow and find success. Shift your perspective to one of “I wonder what I can do with this?” or “How can I choose to rise to the occasion here?” instead of “This isn’t what I anticipated.” or “This is outside of my plan. I can’t work with this!” or “This could only mean bad things for me.”.

Sure, there are times when even the most positive perspective shift will not make a situation any better. But, how do you know if you don’t TRY.

Somewhere along the way, we have lost our open-mindedness that we were created with a purpose. That we were created to live rich, abundant lives. So we trudge along, head’s down, making plans to “just” get by and remain safe. Who want’s a “just getting by” life? Not me! I want my socks knocked off with the brilliance of what life really offers!!

So, when those unplanned, unexpected, scary moments rear their heads stop and breathe. Then think: “What can I learn from this?” “How can I help in this situation?” “How can God use this moment to increase my life?” “Can I lead others through this?”

Don’t do a 180 and run the other direction until you’ve sought out some answers. FEAR will never take you anywhere you are designed to go. It is never and has never been a part of the plan. Yet, we yield to it over and over and settle for things that are not for us.

Slow down. Breathe. Be still and listen. Your greatest moment just might be knocking at the door!

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