What you need to understand about how deep sexual inappropriateness is towards women

What you need to understand about how deep sexual inappropriateness is towards women

It is a pervasive, systemic illness in our culture around abuse and sexual violence. BUT…here’s what you need to know about why people don’t come forward and just how broad/deep these instances can be.

I’m going to share a bit about my own history with sexual violence, abuses and inappropriateness. And, why I’ve stayed quiet for so many years. It is important for others to hear there is a way out and to heal. We got you sister (& brothers). You can find safe places to unpack your feelings and heal so you don’t have to carry it every day. No more.

If you would like to share your stories (without details) below, please do. We, the collective, stand with you! <3

Why Your Story Matters In Your Business and Leadership

We all have a story.

It is your message and one tool to grow your influence.

People need to relate to us in a transparent and vulnerable way. However, we need to choose what is shared.

Watch this video below on how to create the right environment and why it will increase your influence.

Those around you need to hear your story – even in business! It can serve others and create a place of trust with your clients and followers.

It is about connecting and leveraging emotional intelligence to be relatable, trustworthy, and empathetic to your clients. Being in business doesn’t separate you from being who you are.

Utilize your emotional intelligence to serve others and grow your business, too!

Remember no one can argue with your story. You’ve lived it!

I want to hear your comments of how using your story improved your business or relationships.

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