Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

The journeys we are all on in our lives are unique stories in our Life Book’s. They may have similarities to someone elses journey but yours will have unique nuances all its own. I say that to point out that we have no right to compare our journey, our progress, to the next persons. And, in like we have no right to judge someone’s journey for what we perceive to see.

I’ve been through a lot in my adult life. Things that most people would never guess to have happened. Some products of my own foolish choices along the way. And, each one of those good and bad moments has had a part in shaping me into who I am today.

And while those moments created the ending to each chapter, my reactions and new set of choices created the next chapter to be lived out.

Turning Page

The last 18 months of my personal journey I would put into two chapters: Healing and Solidification. Most people who have been a part of my journey have just assumed I’m confused and probably a little nuts. (Always assume the “she’s a little nuts” part with me is true.) It’s difficult to hear people I care for judge me based on their perception without all of the facts and intimate knowledge of my story.

I’m just happy to own my story for once in my life!

So here I am embarking into a new chapter in my life book. I’m turning the page again and stepping into that new chapter – the unknown. I don’t know yet what I will call the next chapter, but I do know that I’m excited to see what it brings.

Chapters, Timelines & Blips On The Radar

My advice for you is simply this – Stop comparing your life to everyone elses.  If you are in a tough spot right now, realize that this is just a chapter. A hash mark on your timeline. A blip on the radar. A split second in the whole of eternity. It will pass!

We freak out constantly about “waiting”. I’m so sick of waiting. I’m just ready right now. Why, do I have to wait? Blah…Blah…Blah. Get over it already! Find contentment in today. When it is time for you to turn the page into the next chapter, it will happen. Stop wishing away what you DO have because you desire something different. You can still look toward the future with anticipation and planning without creating a state of unhappiness for where you are today.


That was my thought for today. I apologize for the lack of smooth, well-thought out delivery. That whole new chapter thing has me a bit distracted!  Perhaps I’ll share the details in the next couple of days – show you the ink that will still be wet – as I pen the first few pages.



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