Have you set yourself up to fail?

I’m not a big fan of the word failure mainly because it is a perspective I choose to not take on how we live our lives. Each misstep or mistake is just another brilliant opportunity to keep moving forward.

On my drive to the office this morning (i.e. Just Love Coffee), I heard a man call in on a local radio show. He had to pull off the road as he was so upset over how much anxiety and pressure he has in his life. This is pressure he openly admitted he applies to himself. Pressure to “do the right things”, “to live a good life”, “to be worthy”, “to not disappoint”.  Can you see where this is going?

Does any of this feel familiar to you either in business or your personal life?

I believe we have set ourselves up over the years as parents, leaders, teachers, people of faith to create utter failure and lack of hope in this world. Perhaps that is a bold statement but I feel it to be so true. We create these standards and rules in society to perform, to earn every thing we have, to define our value and worth to particular achievements.

Folks, our value and worth is NEVER tied to our performance. It is strictly WHO we are and each and every soul on this planet is worthy. Beyond that each of us is perfect in our unique beings.

Our value and worth is NEVER tied to our performance. – Jen

Let’s stop striving to achieve value through performance. Be yourself, release the pressure, find the joy in that self-acceptance and you will see success in your personal and professional lives. I can guarantee it. Not to mention the freedom and peace you will find in your day to day life is beyond amazing. Let’s teach our children that their value lies within who they are not their grades or whether they win a ball game.

Hey, this is coming from a recovering performance addict! Want to be successful? Love yourself and the rest will follow.

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