The Open Organization Ambassadors serve as a small global community of thought and industry leaders driving the conversation on open principles, leadership, culture and digital transformation.

Open Organization Community Contributor 2016 – present

Open Organization Ambassador 2017-present

Emerging Contributor Award, 2017

People’s Choice Award, 2018

My Contributions as Ambassador

Alongside my fellow Ambassadors, I have contributed the following on a monthly basis since joining:

  • Thought leadership
  • Intellectual properties for the community
  • Produced publications
  • International Speaking + Panels
  • Workshop development + facilitation
  • Community architecture
  • Community management
  • Program development
  • Leadership


Open Organization Articles

On June 8, 2018, members of the Open Organization Ambassadors community joined Red Hat associates across the globe to discuss the power of community and the future of open organizations.

Stop Hiring for Culture Fit

Stop Hiring for Culture Fit

If you’re looking for talented people you can turn into cultural doppelgängers—rather than seeking to align productive differences toward a common goal—you’re doing it wrong.

Proof Openness Scales

Proof Openness Scales

Lessons from Slalom’s successful growth prove that openness scales. Slalom’s case is rich and illustrative. But to understand it, we must first understand scalability.

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