The Old Familiar

Seven months ago I gave up sugar and drastically cut my carb intake down to practically nothing. The first 10 days I thought for sure I was on my death bed literally detoxing from years and years of an addiction to the sweet stuff. Now 30 lbs lighter just from that one adjustment in my diet, I feel great and have no desire to go back to it.

Now despite my lack of cravings, on occasion I still want to treat myself to some of my old favorite things. Yesterday, there was a box of Krispy Kreme’s in front of me and I said, “Yum, looks good! One (okay, two) won’t hurt.” Guess what happened?  I was sick to my stomach all day with a raging headache to boot.

Ditch Your Donut

It is the same thing with any of our “old familiar” ways of life. Making changes can be irritating and even sickening while you are detoxing and getting used to a new way. Then you feel great when the change is in full effect. Then that moment pops up when you indulge yourself and feel awful all over again.

So the next time you think going back to your old familiar to seek comfort will make you feel good. Think again. Ditch your donut and keep pushing forward. You got this!

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