I’d like to invite you all to witness a journey that I’m on.  Some of you have followed the last year of my personal life and witnessed incredible changes, miracles and events take place in 2011.  Some of you encouraged, cheered and believed right along with me as the days unfolded.  Some of you flat out thought I’d lost my mind and there were days I thought I had too.  But, I’ve been walking on an invisible bridge called faith.  I experienced so many miracles in 2011 that I can’t help but step out onto a path I can’t see beyond one step.

So, now I have a new journey.  Launching a non-proift that will spin-off multiple programs specifically geared towards educating and equipping women and bringing about change.  This includes LIFE University, Woven, The Furnace and others that exist on the vision board for future launching.  You may ask why’d you want  to follow this beautiful mess as it unfolds into who knows what with missteps along the way.  Simply because I believe more miracles are on their way – for business and for people.

Also, as an encouragement to what you can do with hard work and determination.  I have nothing by society’s standards and those of us involved in this social venture have nothing either.  We are doing it with limited support and just stepping out on that invisible bridge we fully believe is there for every step we take.

Upcoming posts will reflect on how things are developing, challenges along the way, crazy stories I’m sure will come and most importantly the stories of lives being changed for the better.  I hope you will join us!

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