make a list of all good things in your lifeThe Good List – What Is It & Why Do I Need One?

I wanted to share one of the exercises I use with my clients. It isn’t original to me, I borrowed this gem from a good friend of mine who once asked me to create my own Good List. Those of you who read me on a regular basis know that I’m big on perspective shifts and refocusing on the positive. The Good List will help you do just that especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or down in your life.

A Bad Row of Beans 

A good friend of mine once told me this story that his Dad had told him when he was struggling through life issues.

Son, you’ve made some mistakes and you’ve gone through some tough times. But, you are busy staring at that one row of bad beans and ignoring the 10 acres of good corn you have. You think your entire crop is a failure because of one row of bad beans. While you are busy focusing on those bad beans, your good corn is being eaten by bugs and crows. Focus on the good you have in abundance!

That’s powerful stuff!  If you are like me, mental pictures through analogies tend to sink in deeper. I get it. My little bad row of mistakes and hardship has NOTHING on my flourishing life of good things.

Get perspective. Make your list of Good Things. Feed on it daily. Watch how powerful that becomes in your life as you choose to make the shift!

How To Create & Use A Good List

Q: What is a “Good List”?

A: A “Good List” is a list you make that states all of the good and positive things in your life. This list changes all of the time so updating it periodically is a good idea.

Q: What do I use a Good List for?

A: Review it every day to begin to shift your perspective off of the things that aren’t going right or that make you feel pulled down. Read over the list and create an attitude of gratitude for what is positive. It also keeps the good and positive from being “stolen” from you. That is to say, when you write it down you can go back to it and are less apt to forget it.

Q: How do I start?

A: Start your Good List by listing as many things in your life that are good and positive.  Keep your list handy to read when you feel the negative things creeping in on you. There is no right or wrong – this is your list.

Q: How many lists can I have?

A: How many do you need? I believe a general good things list is your primary focus. Also, you can create a Good List for what you recognize is good about you as a person or your character.


A special thank you to Tony Woodall who was a mentor when I needed it the most, for sharing the story above and for pushing me to shift my perspective.

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