Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

What is this season telling you?

It is one of the loveliest times of year right now. Fall. Certainly one of my favorite seasons because of the colors and the cooler air.

We all experience seasons in our lives. Sometimes the seasons rage like an unyielding winter – deep, dark and cold. Others seem to fly by too quickly like a short spring launching into a hot summer.

But, what is your season telling you? Are you listening?

If you are enduring this current season, then you are doing it all wrong.

Every season or phase or whatever you want to call it in our lives has purpose — if you look and listen. Begin by slowing your mind down and observing what is taking place right now. Then assess what that really means to you – what is the truth of your discovery.

Let’s shift perspectives for a minute and reshape your season.

My season says that I am:

Stading Still. > Are you being stubborn and refusing to open yourself to growth? Or, perhaps you need this time of peace and rest so that you can find clarity for the next step coming.

Scooby-dooing. > Folks love to run in place. If I look busy enough, maybe you’ll think I’m doing okay. Stop. Slow down. Be still. Be open and stretch your horizons around you so you can grow into what is waiting for you on the other side of this season.

Being unproductive or unfocused. > How else are you spending your time? Are you avoiding something important because it is uncomfortable? Are you investing your time and energy into something that isn’t in your wheelhouse (genius zone)? Or, is it that you are giving time and energy into something that you’ve deemed as unproductive yet is perhaps creative and nourishing to your soul? You may just need to break out of a rut to find yourself!

Too busy. > I constantly battle my inner work-a-holic. But, let’s talk about busyness for the sake of just being busy. Busyness eats at your soul. It is a distraction that keeps you from enjoying life. You miss out on LIFE! Think Walking Dead….essentially, I’m calling you a zombie. Snap out of it and reengage with humanity.

Alone. > Determine if you are truly isolated or if you are lacking in connections. We are not designed to do life alone. As an introvert, you will need alone time but that isn’t what I mean here. If you are isolating yourself, be intentional about getting out more. Build relationships, bonds and deeper connections with people you trust and respect. Look for genuine, transparent and vulnerable places you can interact with others in. It isn’t as hard as you think….i.e. comment in this post and we will connect!

Happy and Content. > Yay! Enjoy this place of gratitude. Refresh yourself, renew and restore. Enjoy the building up of your spirit and energy.

Hopeful. > Hope. We should always have hope. This season is a beautiful one. One filled with light even in the darkness. Peace despite the storms. It is that never ending posture of knowing that every season ends to give birth to a new. All things work to good.

Remember too that you’ll need to separate out what you are HEARING about your season from what you are FEELING about your season. Two totally different things. Our feelings can be master manipulators and send us in the wrong direction frequently. You don’t have to [feel] agree with or like your season. You should however participate in what is growing inside of you and for you.

Lastly, a good friend of mine once said that when we are growing, learning and transitioning to new ways of thinking and being, that we will experience a seasonal storm. For instance here in Tennessee when Spring is trying its best to break through, Winter says oh no! We go from 70* days back down to 45*; flowers blooming to a sudden layer of ice; cool weather to tornadoes.

And, the same war wages within us. As you move through this season of your life you’ll experience a stormy transition as you let go of one phase to enter another. Participate with it by being self-aware.

Life is a mosaic of these seasons, people. Enjoy the beauty of them instead of focusing solely on a singular moment.


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