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Public sector 

Digital Masterclasses

Co-creator of the Seamless Government in a Post-Pandemic World, What Next?  A 6-Day Masterclass for the Public Sector Technology Leaders to address building resilient structures through open principles.

We aim to achieve this vision through running open engagement community calls for the public sector with a focus in these five areas: 

  1. Fundamentals in Working Openly
  2. Policies for Trust
  3. Empowering your Agile Workforce 
  4. How to Collaborate Across Industries
  5. Crowd-sourcing a citizen-centric future

Building resilient structures 


Everything is changing. Except it hasn’t – yet. 

When you enter Liminal, you come into a place of transition. You arrive with your own ideas and pre-conceptions, into this liminal space, to converse, to browse or to just be with others. You are here to create something new, to let your thoughts morph into new insights, inspired by the collective thinking of people you trust. Just as people have gathered around the fire circle for millennia, to sit and stare, watching the flames metamorphose into new states of smoke and air, giving their individual thoughts license to do the same and transform into deeper insights. Collectively an invisible tapestry of ideas quietly being woven between them. We leave these experiences feeling strangely refreshed, invigorated with a clearer understanding than when we arrived. We have silently transformed, our ideas born anew, ready to weave into our work, to transform our world.

Most people will have heard of open source software but being open in wider cultural and working contexts can be harder to define. So what is ‘open’ and how can it be used?

thought leadership + culture

open organization ambassador

The Open Organization Ambassadors are a global community of writers, speakers, consultants, and experts committed to helping others understand the ways open values are changing the way we build organizations. (2016-present)

Currently architecting the next phase of the Open Organization Project.

thought leadership + culture

forbes coaches council

The Forbes Councils showcase work of industry thought leaders. As a founding member of the Coaches Council, I wrote about leadership, management and workplace transformation. (2015-2017)


"The Learning Lab was a huge success for disability concerns! I plan on using what I learned to shape our national leadership meeting at the Red Cross!"

Dave Deuel, Red Cross


"Brainstorming sessions with Jen were great experiences. Highly recommended. She is a breath of fresh air to any organization wishing to transform itself."

David Bitton, CEO, iQTEK


"This [lab] was the single most impactful and practical moment of the entire Global Workplace Forum!"

Alex Svetkov, Bulgaria


"Thank you for your contribution and excellent work on our workshops!"

Toshiyuki Zamma, ICA International Council


"Thanks so much for your help. Every clinic I have met with so far has sang your praises."

Kathy Blake, VP, Summa Healthcare


"Jen's generosity of time and consulting with our leaders was incredible! And, her innovative brain to craft our learning lab experience for our GWF participants!"

Ann Chow, Global Workplace Forum Director


"Jen is a swiss army knife - can do anything! She has a strong work ethic, high standards for delivery and a can-do attitude."

Will Melson, President, Broadwell Group Inc.


"Jen is one of the most articulate people I've ever met. She is both eloquent and extremely interesting. She can also think on her feet, which makes her a great speaker for panels or a facilitator for workshops. She is an expert in open culture, leadership, digital transformation and the power of community. "

Laura Hilliger, We Are Open Co-Op

Past selected projects

Thought Leadership

Red Hat Gov Symposium

facilitated workshops

53rd ICA Conference, Romania

Learning Lab

Global Workplace

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Red Hat

Thought Leadership

Red Hat

Thought Leadership

Red Hat Summit

Thought Leadership

Red Hat

Thought Leadership

All Things Open

Learning Lab

Cross-Cultural Collaboration Project

  • Created a proof of concept Learning Lab for a large non-profit organization seeking to introduce collaborative problem-solving models.
  • Participants from 109 Countries 
  • 225 attendees to the orientation seminar “Building a better world, together.”
  • 32 Labs conducted on 19 different workplace issues
  • 250+ onsite participants within the Lab
  • ~90% achieved or exceeded outcomes

Healthcare CIM

Confidential Information Memorandums

  • Client interviews for information gathering
  • Prepare extensive documentation on assets
  • Create booklet for interested buyers and all reports for stakeholders

Prepared for:

  • Multi-site Imaging Center 
  • Large hospital system with main campus, surgery centers, and multiple ambulatory sites

Healthcare PMO Leader

The Joint Commission

  • Ran the 30+ member team on a Joint Commission project
  • Project manager
  • Prepared communications, executive reports and presentations

Guest Lectures

Secondary & Higher Education Lectures

  • Duke University: The Open Organization
  • Fresno Pacific University: Open values enable social innovation
  • Fresno Pacific University: Removing Barriers to Growth
  • Tennessee DECA: Comparison is a killer
  • Tennessee DECA: Preparing GenZ for the workplace
  • Berry College: Leadership Forum
  • Redeemer University: Capstone Project – City Lab 
  • Redeemer University: Non-profit strategy Lab 

Healthcare PMO Lead

Performance Management Office for PMI of two health systems

  • Led process improvement project on inpatient and ambulatory sites
  • Led all discovery and process mapping sessions
  • Prepared executive reports and presentations
  • Led trapped value analysis uncovering $2.67MM in lost revenue opportunity
  • Reclaimed 11,000 productivity hours
  • Reengineered workflow to capture an additional $200K in revenue
  • Identified $3MM gross revenue opportunity

Healthcare PMO Leader

M&A Project

  • Oversaw the planning and project management of $1B M&A
  • Ran due diligence teams for facilities and operations
  • Project manager for the initiative
  • Prepared executive reports and presentations
  • Created and maintained digital documentation database for all parties involved during acquisition

Performance Improvement

Internal Services – Talent Management

Successfully led a bottom-ranked team to become the National benchmark for an internal service model to #1 rank in 10 months (out of 80 US offices)

  • Led PIP turnarounds for low performers in a high-performance environment
  • Coaching initiatives led to several staffing promotions over the course of a year
  • Implemented new process flow after a data integrity review
  • Increased team utilization by 80%
  • Increased service opportunity by 293%
  • Reduced team overtime by 219%

featured in

The support and guidance I’ve received from Jen over the years has been truly priceless. I’ve learned that life isn’t about comparing yourself to others. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself. I’ve grown immensely in my career and personal life due to the daily, weekly, and monthly inspiration that Jen offers. The greatest skill I’ve obtained is visionary thinking which has paved the way to always reaching higher than anyone expects me to. I owe all of my growth and experiences to Jen and her coaching/mentoring.

Ryan Seematter

IT Sr. Consultant, Public + Private Sector

Jen is a perceptive and articulate business consultant with a unique ability to listen to a person’s story, hear their dreams and map a route to reach them.

Jim Genet

Business Owner, Fitness + Wellbeing

Wow! Where do I start?! I have been so incredibly blessed to have been introduced to Jen.We were connected through a mutual friend and our relationship has consistently brought growth both to me personally as well as in the development of my own business. Jen has a very relatable way of guiding you through the unknown and is also an excellent teacher. Jen, thank you so much for your commitment to me, even when I have lacked it! And thank you for making me feel you are generally interested in what I have to offer and all the ways you have sparked and fed my creativity. You are an amazing woman and a truly a gift to others. Thank you again!

Hope Wright

Entrepreneur, Fitness + Wellbeing

As a former Fortune 100 employee, I have been through a lot of training. Jen’s is so well put together, so professional, so crisp and well organized and delivered. Her value is awesome!

Karen Altwein

Entrepreneur + Sr. Consultant

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