SHIFT HAPPENS: Spiritual Awakening In The Days To Come


A Spiritual Awakening Is Upon Us

I have felt barren for a while now when it comes to my writing and the depth of my message I want to convey. I have been exhausted, depleted, surviving on fumes. And then something happened this weekend that changed my view on so many things.

I had a shift. Not only did I experience this shift but about half a dozen of my inner circle experienced the same and/or similar shift. The revelations that fell upon our hearts and souls were the same.  That the time is now. The time to rise up, stand firm, and bring the spiritually hungry to the table to eat.

Yes, this is a departure from my typical blogs and well you might want to get used to it if you follow me. Deep within me I resonate with, “I can no longer be quiet.”. It is time to elevate our boldness.

The shift this weekend for me personally was that I’m moving into a new chapter in life and that the time has come for me to be more bold in sharing Truth with others.

The revelation that people are starving for an internal need they cannot name. A desire to belong, to know they are valued and accepted, to know that WHO they are is more than enough. It is hard wired into us to seek these things, yet we are so empty because we do not know the Truth. I believe that a time of awakening is upon us for those who are empty and hungry for something real. No more fluff. No more disbelief. No more masks and fake structures of what it “should be”.

We are awakening to a time where our souls and hearts will be open to the Truth. That Love does conquer all. That we desperately need more than our culture provides us, more than a side to choose, more than a book of rules and traditions, more than anything we can name available to us.

You may not be able to name that gnawing hunger inside of you right now. It growls and rumbles loudly. You have fed it food, alcohol, drugs, sex, activities, work, relationships…and, the damn thing will not be quiet. The temporary fuel you feed it is just that – a fleeting snack of filler.

You want to quiet it forever and be so full of life it never complains to you again? Seek the Truth. Seek to know Life. Be open to your own awakening.

It is time for you to know who you really are and that you are of great importance.

This isn’t about religion, denominations, politics, cultures, or any other label. The Truth is so simple….YOU ARE LOVED!  Your spiritual awakening is here.


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