Roadkill or Valued Partner? | Setting Boundaries in Business

In January of this year, it really struck me upside the head how weak my boundaries were in my business.  I have worked hard in my personal life to establish them and now have healthy, flourishing relationships. Yet, my professional life still sucked.

Which led me to write my last post, Protecting Your Awesome through understanding more about our personal currency. Those truths seemed foreign to me in my business life before I had my moment of enlightenment.  What do you mean I control my own time and energy?

Yesterday, I was pulling my 2011 information together for my tax prep. I was SHOCKED to discover that my time and services I literally gave away last year was nearly double what I collected.  Here I was frustrated with the struggle of launching a new practice and well no wonder. I wasn’t valuing my time or self enough to draw the line with others.

In a start-up venture, especially as freelancer, consultant or coach, we often will offer deep discounts to establish ourselves with certain groups. This can lead to word of mouth marketing for us and also give us additional experience that we need. But, without set boundaries established on the front end we become road kill not the valued partner we want to be.

>> Your Real Value: do an assessment of your experience and education to determine your market value for what you do; add in what makes you special and become confident in what you bring to the table.

>> Be Clear: you need to be upfront with potential clients about what they get from you in a consultative phase and what is expected to be compensated for – if you don’t create this line in the sand, you will become road kill.

>> Start Attracting the Right Client: when you know your value and are confident in it enough to set clear boundaries, others will begin to take you seriously. You will begin to attract what you are looking for – the right type of client and one who will do anything to work with you.

Keep in mind that not everyone is looking to take advantage of you. We teach people how to treat us and without boundaries we have given them the green light to do whatever. This is your life, your business – you make the choices on how you will value what you do and how you will grow for the future.

Set your value, communicate it clearly and watch your business grow!


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