Did you know that stress causes us to be “unwell”? I bet you did. How about anxiety, worry, fear, exhaustion? Yep, got those covered too?

A lot of these feelings that lead to our not being well or happy or feeling balanced, is due to stress and worry. We are busy looking at the negatives instead of the positives in our lives. Right down to the little things that we hang on to instead of shifting our perspectives to the good things in front of us.

What if we decided to start seizing the awesome around us and released our grip on the not-so-awesome?

Here’s my own personal example. It is early on a Saturday morning and for some unknown reason I haven’t been able to sleep for days. I’m exhausted and my eyes weigh at least 500 lbs. My head hurts. Now, I could choose to focus on these things which will only spiral out of control which causes me to see more “not-so-awesome” areas of my life.

Or, I could focus on the awesome right around me. I am headed to the beach soon after I publish this – awesome. I’m going with my Mom and Dad. I still get to enjoy them – pretty awesome. I have a new friendship that is making me happy and I feel really blessed – very awesome. I am getting ready to consume as many cups as possible of my Just Love Coffee before going to the previously mentioned beach – AWESOME. Yes, I’ve missed a few days of quality sleep. But, I have to remember that a few days after 8 years of rarely sleeping this is just a blip on the radar.

I’m choosing to find my awesome and seize it! If you struggle with it, make a list. Write down all that is good right now in your life. Focus on your good list or in today’s case¬† – The Awesome List. Watch your worries shrink when you see just how great things are. Feel the stress start to diminish. Take control back and begin to reap the rewards of seizing your moments of awesome.

I can’t wait to hear about your Awesome after this holiday weekend completes. Post something from your Good List that you are comfortable sharing on the site or on Facebook.


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