Got Purpose?

Some of you may have no idea what your vision is for life and that is okay (for now). If you are like me, you not only know but you see several larger visions that scare the tar out of you they are so big.

For those of you who aren’t sure yet what you are passionate about or feel a demanding tug towards a new goal in life, don’t sweat it. You just have to SEEK it out. In my opinion it is a simple as starting with self-discovery. Seeking out to unlock the areas in us that motivate, inspire, seem to just “fit” who we are. I read once that when you have found what you are meant to do it will create energy even when you are exhausted. Your passion for the topic will awaken everything inside of you. Seems to me like being set on fire would be a noticeable sign that you are on the right path.

For those of us who have made the discovery already there are a few things to keep in mind. One day at a time. One step at a time. You can’t handle the bigger vision yet so just walk one step at a time towards it. Next, it is important to CONNECT with the vision and with people around you. Find projects to join in on and learn about your passion and ways to bring it to fruition.

ENGAGE & SHARE with others about your vision and dreams – you never know who will be holding a piece of the puzzle to make it become reality.


A wonderful friend and colleague of mine, Jim Genet of Syngii, has a beautiful concept called Story Strands™. All of our moments, good or bad, are wound together in this story strand of our life. As we cross paths with others our story strands invariably cross through others strands. Sometimes our strands connect and engage each other taking a piece of the others strands with them. I love the imagery of this concept. In my minds eye, I see floating ribbons of light trailing off of each of us. As we connect and engage with others, we pull strands into our own that will stay with us for a life time. So what will you share from your story strand about yourself that will create a lifetime impact?

If you’ve been reading these blogs or know me personally, you know of my love for Haiti. It is something so large in my heart I cannot keep quiet about it. And yet, when I share that story with another it still amazes me how it ignites a spark of change or inspiration in a person. Yesterday in working on a new project for Haiti, I felt that deeper connection to my purpose. In engaging with that connection, I began to birth new ideas and also discover a new area that I’m passionate about. I found someone to share those thoughts with about my moments, purpose and new discoveries. And now today, I feel the inspiration to CREATE the plan to achieve the dream.

One last thing, don’t allow fear to cripple you in pursuing your dream! Fear is a tool that is used to prevent you from finding and fulfilling your purpose. I can assure you 100% that when you tell fear to take a hike and just go for it you will have no regrets. You’ll learn new things about yourself and those around you. Even if you don’t have the exact desired result from confronting your fear, you have not lost – it was a success!

Begin this moment to SEEK out your dream; CONNECT with it; ENGAGE & SHARE with others; CREATE the path for your journey. And enjoy every moment as you discover the True You!


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