Seeing Beyond The Horizon: Finding Meaning In The Day


photo by: Jen Kelchner

This past weekend was a three day holiday weekend and I did my thing – I waxed philosophical for three days. I have been burnt out for a while. Pushing hard towards my goal I often forget to take time to just rest. So in my retreated state of mind, I pondered life. I’m not even sure what brought this particular thought about as it rained and was overcast in Tennessee all three days, but it was a sunset that came to my minds eye.

I love such simple beauty as a sunrise or sunset offers. The array of colors. The splashes of light reigning in glorious splendor in the sky. It wasn’t the romantic in me that awoke to this thought but rather the hope within me.

You see, the hope that is shouting from within a sunrise and sunset. 

Yes, hope. Each morning, whether we can see it or not, we are greeted with artful splendor as light breaks through the darkness. As we are given the beautiful gift of a new day. New strength. New grace. A clean slate. More hours to do what we want and be who we will.

As each day closes, we are greeted yet with more hope. The beautiful reminder that tomorrow is around the corner – another gift.

The question is what are we doing with our time, with our lives each day that truly make an impact on others in this world? 

Are we seeing beyond the horizon to what can be?

Are we finding meaning in these gifts of moments wrapped in our days? 

Or, are we dismissing it as a common occurrence? An annoying reminder of a day full of stress, tasks lists and endless running about like a hamster on a wheel?

I challenge you to look beyond the horizon. To see what gift lies within each day. A fresh start. A day to create change. A day to dream. A day to do good things for others. A day to love. A day to move forward.

The next time you look truly see.  See what has been offered to you. Find the good.  Accept this gift and do something with it.


photo by: Jen Kelchner

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