Is The Secret To Happiness Really A Secret?

I think a secret to happiness isn’t really a secret at all. It is staring us right in the face, waving it’s hands furiously at us while we walk by with blinders on.

We are (in some cases) running as fast as we can to the finish line, our end goal, and don’t take into consideration the moments around us.

The finish line can be many things for us.  It can be a major goal, it can be the entirety of our life, or even getting out of something we don’t like. While we are waiting on whatever it is we are waiting on, we miss out on the life around us.

Engaging Moments

A good friend of mine, Jim Genet, has created this amazing concept called HD Thinking™ in which part of this mindset involves engaging moments. Not just having engaging moments but actually engaging our moments. In this case an action on our part to connect with everything and everyone around us to bring out the fullness of life.

I believe it is the secret sauce to living a full life – even when life sucks in the waiting phase. Trust me on this, I live a lot in the waiting phase I know what I’m talking about!  We have to take off our blinders and engage in the moments taking place around us.

Be Multidimensional

You don’t have to “get off your path” to engage moments. But, you do have to stop being so linear in every thought and moment.  Allow yourself to be multidimensional.

  1. Pursue smaller goals on the way to the larger one.
  2. Celebrate the wins of your small goals to keep you motivated.
  3. Learn from the moments around you. Let them touch your heart and speak to your mind.
  4. Don’t be surprised if those moments change you for the better.  You may just course correct your journey due to the happy effect!
  5. Live WIDE and Live DEEP.  Engage to your left, to your right, and have depth to all that you do.

And even when in waiting or in misery of your moments, this principle will bring about a full, happy life regardless of the situation. It is a gratefulness that develops.  A new way of living, thinking and breathing occurs leading you a rich happiness.



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