Risky Business Breaks The Status Quo

Have you ever thought about doing something outside of your normal but decided against it because it seemed too risky? Who hasn’t right? I want to quickly share why taking risk can lead to great success both in your personal and professional life.

Risk is defined as taking a chance at injury or loss. A chance. And chance is a possibility or probability of anything happening. So it would seem to me that taking the risk is the logical step to success. For if we do nothing with risk, our possibility of anything happening becomes a defined outcome. There will be no progress or forward movement towards success.

It is true that taking risks requires courage on your part and facing fear. You approach unknown territory without defined parameters. What I think is so cool about this is by taking calculated risks, we now hold the ability to shape the unknown parameters.

“Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.” – General George S. Patton

Usually, those who play it safe, do so because they can stay in their box. They know where the lines are and how to color within them. They don’t have to know if they will fail or succeed. It’s just comfortable. No potential for disappointment. Really?! No disappointment? If you don’t achieve your dreams, the life you desire to live, aren’t you going to be disappointed?

I love what George S. Patton says in the above quote. There is a difference from being rash and taking calculated risks.

Know Your Stuff

Make educated and informed decisions before taking action.

Give it thoughtful consideration.

Weigh things out but don’t miss your opportunity because of being indecisive.

Set out your goals and strategy for what you are trying to achieve.

Be adaptable to your plan as you get presented with a new unknown.

Remember that their really is no failure here but rather an opportunity to learn and improve.

You are in control. Not fear. Not others. Own your choices, reactions and behaviors.

My last thought here is simply this: You can’t live life in a box, bubble or cage. You can however live it by getting out there and doing it.

Recently a sweet friend of mine said to me in a conversation,

“I know I have to keep fighting for my freedom.” My reply, “No, you don’t. You are already free you just have to accept it!”

Most of us believe we are trapped and caged permanently by whatever our situation is at that time. We become so blinded by perceived failures, difficult obstacles and fear that we don’t even realize that the cell door is sitting wide open.

You will never know what you are capable of until you take the risk.

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