Lausanne Global Workplace Forum

Lausanne Global Workplace Forum

Learning Lab

Global Workplace Forum

The Project


June 2019 | Manila, Philippines

Non-Profit, NGO, Private Sector, Social Innovators
Global Workplace Forum

Main goals achieved:

  • Introducing collaborative problem-solving with cross-cultural teams
  • Using learning communities that are practical and educational to launch impact initiatives around the world through empowered influencers
  • Provide an engaging event without “talking at” participants

Build a proof of concept learning lab


The Ask

To create and execute the very first Learning Lab for Workplace Influencers that would span cultures, industries, and verticals.

Account for specific scheduling and space constraints onsite that could not be altered. 

Account for determining who would attend out of the 850 Forum attendees.

Account for a variety of issues to be worked on and ability to leave with tangible outcomes at end fo session.

Account for over 90% of attendees not being exposed to collaborative or inclusive culture and work environments.

The Stats

Participants from 109 Countries

225 attendees to the orientation seminar “Building a better world, together.”

32 Labs conducted on 19 different workplace issues

250+ onsite participants within the Lab

~90% achieved or exceeded outcomes

6+ case studies being collaboratively written for publication

The Work

In the four-month lead up to the event, I began to prepare those who would lead a lab table with a specific issue.

To support this massive change across the ecosystem, while educating people on collaboration and inclusion in real-time, I provided the following:

Insights to an ecosystem-wide event


Virtual Labs for training table leaders

Open Office Hour sessions for Q&A

Virtual Session for power-ups 2-weeks out from event

Consultations with table leaders on discovery and setting intention for their lab

Slack Channel for collaborative efforts of the ecosystem

Open Resource web page for accessing information pre-event

Business Coaches for instructional moments


All resources and exercises

Informational seminar

45-Page Lab Toolkit post-event

Full Project Overview

For additional details on the 32 labs that were run during the Learning lab, please visit my company page @

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