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Jen joined The Open Organization community in mid-2016 to contribute articles and collaborate on development of the open characteristics and maturity model. 

Moving into Ambassadorship in January 2017,  Jen began to increase her contributions to leadership, consultancy for the community, community architecture and concept creations.

Facilitating Ambassador Workshops, gathering information from the global community and her own client base, informed concept ideas for the open community to vote on and move forward.

Jen has not only contributed to our projects; she's also played a significant role in architecting our own community. She's participated in several evolutions of our governance model, ensuring we continued to grow and scale in ways that kept us aligned and unified.

Something I know I will always appreciate about Jen is her unrelenting aspiration and her persistence in driving conversations (occasionally difficult) about ways we can become a better—more open, more inclusive, more effective—community project. Jen is always seeking ways we can improve *how* we do what we do. On top of that, though, she always remains committed to ensuring we're crystal clear about *why* we're doing the work we're doing.
Bryan Behrenshausen
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