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Co-creation in an open knowledge community is different than in open source communities.  For one, they are still relatively new as a community style resulting in testing governance and contribution models frequently. And, you are contributing your thought and intellectual property (along with your collaborators) to shape a new concept and field. 

Taking the existing concepts, behaviors and approaches from the field of open allowed Jen, and others on the team, to look at open culture, open leadership, open characteristics, and so on to help guide the global community.

During this project work, Jen contributed to books, characteristic definitions, maturity models, assessments, and more.  This work then informed her pioneering work to develop open behaviors and leadership tools and diagnostics for individual, team, and organizational assessment of openness.

She was instrumental in crafting several documents vital to both our community identity and our ongoing work today—including the Open Organization Definition and Maturity Model. Her work is speckled throughout our book series, and she penned the introduction to the second edition of our Leaders Manual. And she has always served as an impassioned voice of our community, speaking at events across the world and bringing our work to receptive audiences in accessible and inviting ways.
Bryan Behrenshausen
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