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During an Ambassador meeting in 2020, the team determined to expand content creation types for the community. After deciding to launch a YouTube channel, Jen took on the role of Channel Creator, Editor, and Maintainer which involved all graphic design, session types, materials, channel management, video editing, and production. 

The Open Org TV launched in June 2021, to celebrate the 6-year anniversary of The Open Organization Project with a series “Meet the Ambassadors”.  

Jen stepped out of this work in early 2022.

Below are selected samples for this project.

Jen oversaw the design, development, and implementation of a new community brand system (we didn't always look this good!). And she was the spark that ignited our most recent foray into video, as the catalyst of OpenOrgTV. In short: We are who we are today because of Jen's contributions in these (and other, too numerous to recount) areas.
Bryan Behrenshausen
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