I Don’t Know About Personal Currency But I Know I’m Awesome

Yeah, you know you got the Awesome Sauce that makes you incredibly you! You are confident in who you are and value yourself. So, how do you protect that awesome?

I am great at helping others see a bigger picture within moments. However, I am a tad slower to catch on when it comes to me. Recently I had a mind blowing moment when I realized I had to protect my awesome- my value or my personal currency.

Your personal currency is the WHO you are that makes up your awesome unique self. There is no way to devalue it. We are talking about your time, your energy, your creativity, your intellect and your heart.

We teach others how to treat us. When we begin to embrace our value and take it seriously, others will see it too. And, they will want more of what you offer so let’s talk about how to protect it!

How-To Protect Your Awesome

1. Evaluate how you are spending your personal currency

  • Where are you spending your time and energy?
  • Who is getting it?
  • Are you spending it the way you want?

2. Protect Your Time

Your time is valuable and limited by the confines of 24 hours per day. Plan ahead and block out your time you need for

  • self-care to refresh and refuel, time for wellness
  • important tasks
  • family and friend time
  • networking
  • vacation time

Determine how your energy flows during the day and capitalize on it.Use your peak energy times to knock out work and lower energy times to refresh yourself.  You’ll find that your performance increases by working smarter not harder.

Be your own gatekeeper.  We become like the five people we spend the most time around. It doesn’t mean you should shut everyone out just be smarter about who gets access to you and when. Emails and text messages will not self-destruct Mission Impossible style if they have to wait an hour for a response. Set boundaries for your personal and professional life in order to achieve what YOU need to do for you.

3. Take Yourself Seriously

I talk to so many people that think they are “less than” in some way. This is ridiculous. We all bring a unique value to the world. We are all on even playing ground at the start – it’s what you choose to do with it that makes the difference. Your unique value to impact the world was inherent on Day One when you took your first breath. Everything you need is already there. Now some of it will need to be exercised and developed – like our bodies. But, you have everything you need. Take yourself and your awesome sauce seriously.


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