Peeling Back The Layers Of Your Inner Onion

You are much like an onion. No so much the stinky make you cry part…although I can’t vouch for all of you on that…but more so the many layers that get peeled back.

It was a former colleague of mine at Deloitte that first led me to believe that people are like onions. In fact, I started calling her The Onion. Every time we were together I would learn something new about her and her life. Some new nugget of wisdom, adventure, life experience…and it struck me the number of layers she had added to her story over the years. All of her struggles had made her stronger and more resilient. The layers stacked on with each experience.

In the same way they stack on, they peel off.

Last week I had a few personal situations occur that led to me a mini-epiphany point. Nothing major but I had that a-ha moment where it hit me that I was peeling back a new layer on my inner onion to discover a new truth about myself.

No matter how much we grow and learn and change we must understand that it is an ever evolving thing. It doesn’t stop. Hence the GROWTH part – that implies a continual process of change.

I’ve talked to some of you who tell me how frustrated you are with your process. That you should be 100% “better” by now. You are on a journey that doesn’t end. You will get better. You will get stronger. And, you will have times where the inner onion layer revels a new truth to work on or work through.

Life is a beautiful thing isn’t it?! The fact that you can create a new change in your life every single day is such a privilege.  Don’t waste it by sitting on the sidelines today!

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