This article was originally posted in November of 2011.

Faith Exists Only Out Of The Box

I’m a pretty stubborn person although I’ve learned in 2011 that my stubbornness is really flat out rebellion.  Funny, because I’ve always considered myself pretty much by the book and follow the rules kind of person.  And there would be the rebellion , I’ve already derailed my topic I wanted to share with you.  Stubbornness leads to only doing things our way.  Now I’m a pretty intelligent girl but there is nothing I do my way that ever works out…just saying.  So, why do we continue to always want it our way?  Food for thought.

Faith is what has been on my mind all morning.  We find it so easy to believe in things that are small or insignificant.  Why is that?  Because there is little risk? Or, because we can control some element of it which really wouldn’t be faith then would it?  We can trust a bridge to hold us as we cross a raging river but we can’t trust that the Creator of our Universe can provide a way across too.  Why do we trust in man made things but doubt that an infinitely supreme God can do miraculous things in our lives?  Last I checked we humans were pretty good at not being perfect yet He is always faithful and perfect.

So my challenge to you today is to take God out of the box you keep Him in and have a little faith.  If you are really ready to get crazy I challenge you to be courageous in your faith.  Be bold.  Rock it out.  Because what you will receive will be beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills so I’m pretty sure your small ask is a possibility.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or image, according to his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20

Follow Up Thoughts

The above paragraphs were written in the Fall of 2011 and here we are now at the end of Summer 2012. I spent this morning wracking my brain with what to write. Some days it is difficult to find anything to say….which for those who are friends would strongly disagree with me on that! As I filtered through earlier posts to use, this one really struck me for the moment.

It’s easy to forget when we are presented with new challenges that God is bigger than _________. 

And, more so that faith only exists out of the box. When something is in a box we know how to define it, what to expect of it, what it’s role is. See what I mean? That isn’t faith. Faith is believing in something we don’t know, understand or see.  It doesn’t make sense from where we are in this present moment that we can define.

Those that are regulars to this blog know I push hard for you to be out of the box in your own life. Now, it’s time to take our perceptions of God out of the box and really have some faith. Faith for the big things. Faith that He is exactly who He says He is. Which by the way, who He is has nothing to do with who YOU are….rest easy because that means you don’t have to DO anything!

I guess I found my voice again this morning….and my perspective on faith, too!


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