Open Source: 6 Tips For Interviewing With Open Culture Companies

6 Tips For Interviewing With Open Culture Companies

For the last several years, I’ve been studying under an open organization and future of work guru. And for longer than I can remember, I’ve felt that business should operate differently—really move at the speed their people can innovate rather than standing on who’s held office the longest.

So you can imagine how long it took for me to embrace the open organization mindset. It was rather like an old school touchdown dance in my mind. I’m excited by the value proposition open organizations present.

Knowing I wanted to be engaged in a company that leverages the value of those at its table, I decided to begin seeking out one I could join. I knew the impact I could personally have on the world could become exponential if I did.

So far, I’ve learned so much that can help both those beginning the interview process and those in talent management—and I’d like to share it. I hadn’t interviewed like this in more than a decade. The traditional companies to which I applied had remained exactly the same.

The open organizations were vastly different.

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