Part of wellness is a healthy self-esteem and today we are going to find your “one thing”. This week while working on exercises for a self-esteem module, I thought about how we (particularly women) get distracted by the negative with our appearance. You know how much I like perspective shifts, so let’s try this one!

Our beauty lies within and this is what we draw from to solidify our self-esteem no matter what is going on the outside. We should take care of our bodies, invest in our health and fitness, and in our appearance. Our appearance is a way to express who we are on the inside and how we feel.

So if you are having one of those moments (days, months, years…) where you don’t feel as though the outside matches the inside, do a shift. Find the “one thing” that is your go-to. For example, my go-to are my eyes. I love them. No matter how bad my hair rebels or how tight my waistband feels in the mornings, I know I can play up my eyes and say to myself, “Wow! Great eyes!”

I found something positive to put my focus on instead of a list of things that weren’t “just right”. Why not shift to gratefulness for what is instead of focusing on what is not.

So if you’re connecting with what I said, I encourage you to find “one thing” you love about yourself and tell yourself over and over. Better yet, start a list so you can watch how your self-esteem improves over time.  Because a few days from now after you allowed the positive to take up residence, you will discover a new “one thing” to add to the list.

Give yourself some grace and mercy in this area! You deserve it! You are beautiful! You are unique and should NOT be like anyone else! So stop the comparisons.  I’m challenging myself right along with you. Let’s do this together.

Post below your “one thing” you are starting your list with!!

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