One Secret To Control Your Fear of Failure

Create a visual tool for your mind’s eye and see how quickly your perspective on failure shifts.

The struggle with the fear of failure (and success) is a real thing. And, you are not alone in it.

But, let’s understand that there is a difference with a real, rational fear and the fear that lies to us.  If your life is in danger, then yes it is a credible, legitimate fear. Don’t do it.

These “fears” are disbeliefs and assumptions we have made over the years that are controlling us from success – or simple enjoyment of life. They are not founded in truths. They cripple us from doing great things.

We need to change the way we think. One of the tools I use with creating sustainable mindset shifts is to create a visual tool for my minds eye. This way we can manage the uncertainty and the fear so we can move towards our end goal.

Watch this video now to learn how to control the fear.

Remember, failure is learning what is not right for you and leads you to be in alignment with yourself.

Quick review:

Create a visual tool for your minds eye, or use mine.

When you have a misstep (or a really bad day when you forget yourself), pick up and move forward.

Take-away what you can do differently and apply it.

Recalculate (as often as you need to) to get back on track.

Leverage the lessons learned.

Please leave your comments for me below. I’d love to hear your input and if you have a “tool” that helps you manage the fear of failure when it comes knocking!


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