What Talents Are You Suppressing?

One of my favorite 80’s movies is Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The all to famous scene towards the end of the movie got me to thinking about what talents we are hiding in the corner.

So, Johnny Castle saunters into the room right over to Francis’ parents and says, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”. He takes her hand and off they go to dance and perform showing her parents and everyone her talent.

Hiding In Corners Leads To Death

Whether we are hiding because we doubt ourselves and lack confidence or we lack the support we need to be confident, it leads to one thing – the death of potential. Yes, the death of potential.

Our potential, our giftings, are hidden within us like dormant seeds waiting to be nourished so that they can sprout and grow roots. An experience or a person may awaken that seed and with encouragement and education it can flourish. Use our movie characters for example. Baby was a shy, young girl who was clumsy and awkward. She never felt as though her parents saw her as anything important compared to her pretty sister. In the movie, she meets Johnny who sees her potential and helps to cultivate it. By the end of the movie, she grows into a beautiful and confident young woman with brilliant talent.

If the movie had taken a different direction and Johnny hadn’t pulled Baby from the corner what then? Her potential would have shriveled up and died. It would have stayed in the corner along with her deflated confidence and lack of support.

Flying Leaps Off The Stage

Remember in the end of the movie when Baby overcomes her biggest fear – doing a jump – and she leaps off into the air and into Johnny’s arms. It was her shining moment.

What fear do you need to overcome to have your shining moment?

What talents are you suppressing that you know exist because you lack encouragement?

Who do you need to have around you to have proper support and training to feed and grow your talent?

Finally, are you willing to let your potential die a slow death or are you ready to step out of that shadowy corner and take the risk to do the things others may see as impossible?

I believe you have it in you and that you don’t belong in the corner you are sitting in today. I believe you can do anything you put your mind too and can achieve great things. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and dance!

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