Which Personal Energy Do You Bring To Others?

I want to pose a question to you today. Are you someone who is a life sucking vortex when you are around others? Or, are you an abundant giver in your interactions?

There are two categories of people in a moment. Those who bring others their energy and those who take your energy. And, we need to learn to be aware and manage our personal energy appropriately.

In our day to day interactions with others, we bring our personal energy to those interactions. It might be positive or negative. It can be a vortex that sucks the life out of the other person or it can give more than it takes. Think about those moments when you have encountered another person and left feeling completely and utterly drained. The energy they brought in that moment sucked the life right out of you!

Let’s define that energy. It is: behaviors, words, values, smiles, even our spirit, our experiences, our perceptions, all that we are by definition is woven into our energy.

We are responsible for our energy that we bring – our behaviors, our words, our compassion, our generosity – or lack thereof. I encourage you to own your energy today. To be 100% in the moment and engaged. To give more than you take in those moments with others.

We must learn to manage our personal energy so that we are more outward focused and less self-centered. I believe if we all become more aware of how we interact, we would unleash the power to change the world.  Moment by moment.


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