The Cone of Uncertainty – Not Just For Storm Prediction

In the last several days, I’ve become familiar with a new term. The Cone of Uncertainty. While I’ve been working in Southwest Florida I haven’t had to even contemplate a storm like we get in Middle Tennessee on a regular basis. Here rather, you get week long projections prior to the storm arriving unlike the quick hit of tornadoes.

So as Tropical Storm Isaac developed and showed a posing threat so began my education on the cone of uncertainty. Now as of this morning, it appears as though Isaac will turn more to the west and sideswipe the west coast of Florida as it barrels towards New Orleans and the surround coastlines.

I got to thinking which you all know is dangerous.  Don’t we always live in a the cone?

Life Is Never Certain

I can’t take all of the credit on this post. My dad posed the question this morning when we were talking about what changes occurred for the storm track over night. As he was filling me in, we joked about this “cone of uncertainty”.

We always live in this cone whether we realize it or not. Life is not guaranteed on any front. There is no straight, predictable path. It is a day to day thing and often moment by moment. It is full of course corrections. But, that is what makes life so much more interesting!! The unpredictable.

Live In Today With What You Know

There will always be an element of “what you don’t know” and “what you do know” that you can operate from each day. The cone does not need to be a place of fear or instability. Know who you are at your core and the general direction you are headed. Engage in the day you have and adapt to the changing storm as you go. Be prepared but don’t miss out on what today brings you. You could miss out on something great!

Anchor to your faith, to your truth – and, you will never have to worry about the cone of uncertainty. Because although life is uncertain the Truth is always certain and unfailing.

Anchor. Engage. Ride out the storms within your cone. You got this!


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