Three Signs You Aren’t Living Your Authentic Life

The garage door at my parents house is making this really obnoxious “wheeeeeze-THUMP” sound when it is opened and closed. The high humidity and temperatures of the summer months in SW Florida, have caused the wooden door to change its shape ever so slightly, so that it doesn’t fit the frame it was made for.

It made me think about our own lives can be like that. How we don’t live an authentic life that we are created for.

The Three Signs

I say “our right life” because no two lives should or will look the same. Each of us possess our own unique abilities, purpose and experiences in life. Trying to copy cat someone else’s isn’t right for you. Judging yourself by someone elses is also not the right measuring stick.

Here are three signs you don’t fit your door frame:

You might not be living your authentic life if, you are too small for your own door frame.You’re playing it safe, protecting yourself from relationships and potential emotional harm. So instead you have shriveled up and stay behind those high walls you have put into place. Shrinking yourself down to make things “easier” or “less painful” is not living. You’re not being true to you and the life you have been created to live.

You might not be living your authentic life if, you are off your hinges. Instead of shrinking up from your past hurts, you tried to pull yourself off the frame completely. This is also not leading a true to you life. Get your house in order and tighten your screws. Disconnecting with who you really are by medicating yourself with harmful methods to be numb and just “get by” does you and yours a great disservice.

You might not be living your authentic life if, you are too big for you frame. You are the opposite of the shrinking frame. You have stretched yourself and found new ways to grow. The problem now is you don’t fit your frame. This also is a problem because it means you have things around you that you must let go of. For instance, there may be people in your life that need to go. Or, surroundings and places you spend time in that are no longer your fit. Remember some moments in our lives are just for seasons. It is okay to shuffle their priority in your life and move forward. Your growth has prepared you for a new frame – so get to it!

My challenge to you is to figure out which door you are right now and make the necessary adjustments to be true to yourself.  None of us should go through our lives not living authentically. It isn’t fair to ourselves, our families and to the rest of the world. You have so much to offer when you are true to you. Who knows you could be the next big game changer that radically alters the landscape of this planet.


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