The Law of Attraction: Real or Not?

[blockquote cite=”C.S. Lewis” type=”left”] You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. [/blockquote]

After moving out of my parents’ house in 2007, I moved into a 150-square-foot studio apartment in Queens, New York.  It was in the basement of someone’s house, with 2 small windows and pink walls.  I lived alone.

It was depressing.

I lived there for 4 years, spending most of my time after work — I can finally admit it now — smoking pot and spacing out.  I laugh now as I look back on that experience, but a good part of the time I was day dreaming, thinking of the infinite possibilities of my life.  And yet here I was, living in an ugly little apartment with no job.

I had no car, no nearby friends, and no money in my back account.

I spent all my savings on just getting the apartment.  In New York you pay the broker’s fee, security deposit, and first month’s rent.  My $2,000 of savings was annihilated in one fell swoop.

The Gift of Failure

Before moving in, I lived with my parents for a year.

While living at my parents house and giving music lessons, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with my life.  I had earned a Bachelors degree in Philosophy.  4 years and a lot of academic work later, I was giving guitar lessons to 14-year-olds, 3 or 4 times a day.

Something was wrong.

My dream after graduation was to be a rock star (I know, I have big dreams).  Everyone, it seemed, told me to do what I love.  I figured now’s the best time to take a chance.

After a year of constant practicing, playing bars for $30 a night, and teaching 15 students a week, it just wasn’t working out the way I had planned.

I ultimately “failed” in fulfilling this dream.

At the time it was very painful to admit defeat, that I wasn’t going to be a rockstar, and might have to succumb to living a very ordinary and mediocre life.  I was deeply disappointed.  My dream had died and I felt like I had truly failed.

Ironically, this failure came to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

It was the only thing that opened the door for me to step into something new.  If I hadn’t failed at this, who knows how long I would’ve kept dragging along, stuck and unhappy.

This failure was the biggest opportunity of my life.

When An Old Dream Dies, A New One is Born

Okay.  If I wasn’t going to be a rockstar, then what was the second-best thing I could do for my career?

Well, my only motivation at this point in my life was simply to not work.

So I reasoned that if I had lot of financial leverage — like a hedge fund manager — then even if I made just 1% on a billion dollar fund, I’d be all set.  Simple dream.  Where do I get this fund?

With my bank account close to zero, I moved into that depressing pink apartment in Queens.

I was ready to strike out out and do something great.


Law of Attraction really works


The Law of Attractions Works

I’m happy to tell you that the law of attraction really works.

I dreamed about being financially secure and having financial freedom.

Basically, all the time.

I spent my evenings in my ugly basement apartment, laying on my twin bed and staring at the ceiling, dreaming about a better life for myself.  I imagined the money I was making, the girlfriend I had, my stimulating social life, my awesome, spacious apartment.

I had none of it.

But it all happened.

It took a lot of time and a lot of effort, but it all happened.

Day dreaming about it every night, thinking about it all the time, wishing for it to come true, eventually brought it into my life.

Finding my Path

At first I worked through a temp agency for a property manager, a plumbers’ union, and even a hedge fund, all within the span of a month.

I went on over 10 or 15 interviews.

Then, it happened.

I kept landing on “day trading firms”, where you trade stocks in the stock market to make money.  Finally I found a firm that would back me (take the risk for me since I had no money), and off I went.  I had positioned myself with the opportunity to make my dreams come true.

It was absurdly difficult at first.  I’d make money one month and then lose it all the next month.  But three years later, I was making into the 6 figures.  I couldn’t believe it.  I still can’t believe it.  My first dream was starting to come true.

How to Practice the Law of Attraction in Your Own Life

The law of attraction is real.  It actually works.  And with time and practice, you can even make it work faster.

The two most effective techniques I practiced to implement the law of attraction?

 Affirmations and Visualization.

 I actually used a lot of techniques, including gratitude, affirmative prayer, journaling, meditating, and so forth.  But affirming and visualizing every morning, for 20 minutes on my way to work, is what really made the difference.  And I fully understand why.

Your thoughts become your reality. – (tweet this).  Might sound crazy — I find it scary — but it’s true.

And what’s amazing?

You can totally re-program your mind. – (tweet this). Most people don’t realize it, but we’re highly conditioned and programmed by what our friends believe, by what our parents taught us, by the TV shows we watch, etc.  We rarely see this conditioning within ourselves because we are not observing ourselves, as one would do during meditation.

When you meditate, you really start to see your conditioning.  You see your automatic thoughts, you hear the chatter of your monkey mind, and you find the thinking and the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Once you start to see this, everything shifts.  And what’s even more amazing?

You can re-program your mind to anything you want.  The subconscious mind, that is.

Every day I would affirm and visualize what I wanted in my life.  And it came true.

And I know it can happen for you too.

My Life Today

Today I live in a beautiful Manhattan apartment with my amazing girlfriend.  I’m happy, I’m confident, and I like myself.  This is not the “old me” by any means.  I have a social life, and I’m excitedly building a new business.  I’m helping people find the right life coach for them, so they can live their dreams.

I’ve come a long way from that ugly pink apartment in Queens.

How’d I do it?

It started with day dreaming.  I systematized my wishes into daily rituals, like reading through my list of affirmations, and then starting to really believe those affirmations and experience the feelings I was wishing for.  I practiced visualizing in my mind how I would perform at my job, how I would be confident and socially smooth when going out and meeting new people.  It was only after I did this that I started to see changes in my life.

It doesn’t come quickly, it doesn’t come easily, and you will need to be disciplined to do it every day.  But it’s not so bad; it’s actually fun!  Especially when you realize that you can create anything that you want in your life.

Do you believe in the law of attraction?


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