Lacking Motivation? Me too. 

I don’t like admitting it but I have really lost momentum and motivation in the last two weeks. My focus has been unfocused to say the least. I wake up in the morning feeling like I’m swimming through heavy “I really don’t care” fog.

So today I fired my focus for poor performance!

Is it time for you to fire your focus too?

It’s natural in business and in our personal lives to need to do a little realigning from time to time. Our focus, our clarity, our goals – all great employees on Day One, right?! Then somewhere along the way they take a sick day and decide to either not come back to work or come back with low performance.

As the CEO of my own life, I see this poor performance and decide to just give it a warning. It had a rough week or just a “bad day”, I can be a little lenient. But, after several days and several pep talks your Focus Crew just isn’t cutting it!

It is time to rehire!

Now Hiring: Focus & Motivation

When you need to refocus or find new motivation on a goal, what should we look for?

Is it in alignment with your authentic self?

Your ability to stay focused and be motivated relies on passion. Passion and purpose keep you energized. So if your tasks at hand or your goals are not in alignment with your purpose and passion, then you will not be able to maintain for very long.

Is the reward for the goal great enough to keep you motivated?

We need to lay out good rewards for our goals to stay motivated or even ahead of plan. We may have laid out a great result or reward for the goal, but it quickly becomes overwhelming. Because of this it is wise to set small, measurable goals within in the larger goal. You don’t have to be a Type-A list person to realize the benefits of seeing your goals crossed off the list sooner!

Are my focus & motivation supported?

Have your support system in place for reaching for new goals. This would be your coach, mentor, accountability partner, or someone else you trust to allow you to vent when you need to or seek advice. Your momentum is interdependent on your alignment and your support system.

It is okay if you have found yourself off-track with goals, or life in general. Fire your shotty focus and find a replacement that is in alignment with your authentic self.


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