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This post is Part II to answer the question posed:

Do you invest in a relatively small group of friends in a very effective, deep, meaningful way or try to cover a large group of friends/ acquaintances, in a way that affects them on a huge level but can’t go deep? – H.Wright

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Investing In Your Core Relationships

Yesterday, I described how I view my own relationships now from the perspective of a bulls eye. It is also how I gauge my investment time into people. I invest in everyone in some fashion but just how much and how deep depends on the circle they are in.

In health and fitness, strengthening your core is primary to so many things. Back pain, posture issues, etc can all be solved by having a strong core. And, so it is with our relationships.

I believe that if we nurture and invest in a strong core the results will be limitless in how it will impact our other relationships. By investing in a “very effective, deep, meaningful way” you will eventually impact the larger group.

By feeding into our core relationships with love and positive change, those people create change in their core and so on.  It is a ripple effect. It spreads outwards to your other relationships providing them with opportunities of love and change.

You’ll have to determine for yourself how you invest in your relationships – core, inner and outer. But, I challenge you to do something every day that impacts the whole. Whether it is an encouraging post on your social media feed that reaches the periphery group. Or, letting every one of your core know just how much you cherish them and their friendship. It is something I don’t think we do enough, letting others know they are appreciated. Don’t wait for their birthday to pop up on Facebook to tell them they mean something to you.

Investing in the quality of your relationships at the core level will provide you with the ability and strength to impact the masses. Quality over quantity every time. Because that quality will produce greater results in the long run with an impact to the whole body.


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