Insane Courage Destroys Fear Every Time

Our fears boil down to a few simple factors. Primarily what we perceive an outcome or a potential reaction from another will be. I want to point out there – PERCEPTION – which is often a very flawed and skewed thing. It is made up of our prior experiences and knowledge base we have to work from. It isn’t truth and keeps us from being and doing extraordinary things!

A few months ago I watched the film, We Bought A Zoo, which I found to be an extraordinary flick. The lead character played by Matt Damon is speaking to his teenage son about fear.  Here is what he said:

20 Seconds of Insane Courage!

We can withstand 20 seconds, which is less than a TV commercial, to confront whatever challenge is facing us, whatever goal we want to achieve, whatever it is….WE CAN DO THIS!!

Something great will be the result!

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Today is the 11 year Anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11. Please take a moment to remember those who lost their lives.


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