How-To Turn Your Ordinary Conversations Into High-Gain Ones That Produce Value

As Leaders, Managers, Coaches, Mentors and Team Leaders, it is our responsibility to lead conversations of value. One of the ways we can do this is by using high-gain questions to produce more value-add for everyone involved.

Using high-gain questions in our conversations conveys respect, shows that we value opinions, and they value connection. Our conversations should not be one-way streets that lead no where. Engage those around you. Ask them to create and contribute. You’ll see your relationships deepen, morale improve, and productivity and performance increase.


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The Three Types of Questions

  • close-ended questions – producing a yes or no response
  • open-ended questions – producing more thought
  • high-gain questions – producing value, respect, & connection

The Three Types of High-Gain Questions

  • investigative – fact finding questions
  • discovery – push learning
  • empowering – transfer ownership and call for action

Your goal here is to add-value, create a deeper level of influence, increase your leadership game, and elevate your business through the use of high-gain questions.

Don’t forget to download your handout with sample questions that I’ve provided for you.

Please leave comments below and let me know how high-gain questions have worked to improve your productivity and team performance.


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