How-To Think Progress

We control our thoughts and so we control how we choose to view things. It is our unique choice to decide how we will view our circumstances and ultimately our progress on our individual journeys.

At some point you set a goal.  You painted yourself a picture in your mind and you may have even gone so far as to write your goals down with the action steps to get there. But, you look at the horizon and think “I’m not there yet. What happened?” .

What you need is a perspective shift. 

If you have been actively working towards a goal and you feel as though you are standing in quicksand, then shift your viewpoint.

How-To Think Progress Instead of Failure

  1. Write It Down: get a few sheets of paper out, or a spreadsheet if your a bit more nerdy, let’s write out your milestones
  2. List the Milestones: list your starting point of when you set the goal, include how you felt at that point (stress, confidence, motivation, quality of life), list each milestone toward the end goal until you reach today. Don’t forget to add your “feelings” at each point.
  3. Think Progress: now look at how far you have come towards the goal not how far you perceive yourself to be from it

Shifting our perspectives to see how far we have come instead of the journey ahead will create new thought patterns of positive progress. The thing is that the horizon is always moving as we walk down the path. There is always something new on the horizon but it keeps moving because you are moving.  You won’t reach the end until you leave this earth so start shifting your perspectives today.

You are a success.  You have made progress.  You are moving forward. That is a win!

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