Anyone Can Be Cool – Awesome Takes Practice….

Okay, So You’re Cool, Whatever

Being cool is pretty easy for most people. You follow some fads and know current trends in pop culture, fashion and music.

When someone asks what is on your playlist, you have the “right” answer for the moment.

But, being cool is just following the crowd. It doesn’t take much effort.

I’m Awesome Because I’m Me

Awesome does take practice because we have to stretch ourselves outside of the “norm” or status quo around us. We have to be true to ourselves. It may not be the coolest thing at the moment or on trend with the masses – but who cares? Being awesome is living your authentic self. Why? Because no one else is being you or can be you!

Talk about trendsetting!

Put On Your Cape & Suit Up

How to be awesome? Just be your authentic self. Be legendary. Be unique. Be YOU.

If you take a look back into history, it is easy to identify the people that did great things and were really awesome. But at the time don’t you think everyone thought they were a little off? A little out there in their thinking? Marched to their own drum?

Don’t let what others say or what current culture dictates affect you being true to you in this moment. Because your unique genius and purpose could one day revolutionize the world. You could be the person in the history books one day!





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