How It Is Supposed To Be

Think about this one for a minute. We screw up our days, schedules, possibilities, opportunities and gifts because we view them through warped filters. Filters of our past or current perceptions.  Our own distorted views on what would be best for us based on a million different societal norms or dreams we have for ourselves.

Problem is none of us truly know what is best for us in the long run. We can make the critical decisions, sure. But, we can’t see the future so there is no way to know or understand all of the variables. Feel me?

So, when we have these assumptions of what “it is SHOULD be” we let go of things, people and opportunities without giving them a chance.

Take dating for instance. You could have a long list of “must haves” for your future partner. You may even be the type of person that has spent heartfelt hours praying about it. And then you this amazing person shows up with all the check marks but they aren’t exactly in the expected package you requested. So, you mark return to sender on it and move on all the while fussing at God for never hearing you or answering your prayers.

This scenario plays out with all aspects of our lives too – jobs, relationships, you name it!

It’s time we become open of heart and mind. Engage in the moments we are given. Find a level of thanksgiving and gratitude that becomes like breathing for us. To see the gifts around us that may be wrapped differently than we anticipated. And, take down our per-conceived notions and assumptions.

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