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Love. We all want it. We all need it. We were created for it.

Yet, each one of us experiences it and shows it in different ways.

We were created in the image of Love. Unfortunately, American Christianity over time has moved away from the command to love and has become wrapped up in the religious rules of man. That to spend time “being a good Christian” or to “know God” you have to be regularly in a church on a Sunday and perhaps even a mid week meeting. How else will you “learn” or “experience”?

[blockquote type=”center”]How we spend time with God and swim around in His ocean of love is different for each of us.[/blockquote]

For some, they need to be plugged into a community of like minded believers. For others, they need a peaceful prayer service. For more still, it looks like feeding the homeless or caring for the elderly. And it can even look like spending time in nature; with family or with friends; or even some couch time with a good book.

[blockquote type=”center”]God brings us what we need to nourish us the way we need it.[/blockquote]

That is why it looks so different to us individually.

I have close family and friends that get concerned when I don’t attend services regularly (or at all). I get the calls asking if I’m depressed, ill, or okay. If I take a break from a leadership role, the inquiry of concern gets deeper. It’s like a break means I’ve turned from God in some way. Oh ye of little faith.

Fact is…when I have these seasons that I take a break, I find that God is speaking and nourishing my soul directly for very specific reasons. And in those moments and seasons, what I’m learning and experiencing is far more lasting and deeper than any class or group I’ve ever attended.

Think applied learning versus book knowledge.  [pullquote cite=”Bob Goff, Love Does” type=”right”]Jesus lets us be real with our life and our faith.[/pullquote]

Over the last few months, God has nourished my soul with exactly what I’ve needed. I’ve been so filled with love and security that my stress level has declined; my soul has been fed; my heart repaired; my spirit strengthened. And, all by using quiet moments at home with My Man. Simple conversations. Netflix binging. Rounds of laughter until my sides hurt. Being told I’m awesome a dozen times a day. My almost adult kids texting me throughout the day for advice. Sleeping in until noon on the weekend. A sweet email from a friend. These are just a few ways I’ve been getting my love on.

That may sound weird to some but it is true. If you consider that for two decades I’ve lived a chronic high-stress life. I’ve been broken many times over by people. I’ve lived in constant instability and uncertainty. And in such a short time, I’ve been shown so much about unconditional Love and how God wants us to really walk this out in life. I feel restored.

Love does. Love experiences. Love lives.

We’ve been called to participate in life. Be loving and kind when you participate and watch life change around you. Stop trying so hard. Start enjoying what is around you and what gift it offers you.

Go swim in the big, giant ocean of Love. Get your love on – swim around and invite others to swim with you.

jen kelchner

How do you get your love on?

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