After the last few days in this series, you may be feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts with what you are feeling.  Fortunately for us, our inability to move forward or knowing which is the exact right path is not a problem. We only have to do ONE THING. ONE little thing…just say, “Help Me.”  Whisper it. Think it. Say it. Scream it. Just breathe and ask.

 I’m Just Not There Yet

There were so many times I said things like “I’m just not there yet.” or “I need a little more time.” or “I just can’t hear that right now.”. Looking back, I wished I had been able to see I was prolonging my pain and making the wounds deeper.

I think it is fear that keeps us from asking for help, moving forward or letting go. What happens next? What might be required of me? What will other say? Will I be okay? Can it be done? Am I being irresponsible if I let go and move forward?

Here’s the big one: Who will I be without this brokenness?

I’ll Come To You

My understanding of God has been so skewed before I really found Him. It’s funny how I had this picture of Him sitting on a throne above, watching, moving chess pieces around on the board of my life. There to be “feared”. I equated God to Religion. Big mistake!!

What I found is that in my desperation when I finally uttered those two words “help me”, He revealed that He had been there all along. He was just waiting for me to join Him. Waiting patiently in love for me to turn to Him and ask.

He does the heavy lifting for us if we let him. BIG NOTE:  we have to LET HIM! We have a choice. He meets us where we are – no matter how lost, broken, dirty, trashed, strung out, or confused we might be in this moment. Every breath we take He gives us a second chance (or a bajillion in my case).

As you move forward in your own journey, are you willing to let Him do the work on your behalf? Will you relinquish control?

Status Update

Time to update your status. Hey, I’m a social media addict. I post, tweet, pin, like and share. We have become a culture that is transparent and we enjoy telling everyone where we are and what we are up to every few minutes.

So, if you were to post your status right now what would it be? Are you ready to turn it over, let go and let Him do the heavy lifting for you? Look, you don’t have to believe it my way. You can be sitting there right now uncertain as to what you believe – higher power, Creator, God – you just don’t know. But, I guarantee that He believes in YOU. And, your result will be the same. He will meet you where you are.

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