Giving Grace to Grace Killers

I have to be very honest with you. I have about lost my cool several times this week alone with people. I’ve nearly shut down all of my social media outlets until after this upcoming election. But, I realized that wont help because idiotic postings will continue regardless of the month and year.

I don’t mind however stating how disappointed I am in so many of those who profess to be followers of Jesus. Yes, I am making a distinction between the word “christian” and “Jesus followers”. But, that is a topic for another day. My disappointment comes not from opinion but blatant lack of respect for our current President and hatred towards people that they don’t agree with.

You Don’t Deserve It Either

None of us have deserved the grace we have been given – unmerited favor, unconditional love. By the way, whether you get this whole Jesus thing or not the gift of grace has already been given to you. So here we are basking in the light of unconditional, unmerited love and we turn to the person or group we don’t agree with and slander them.

In Mike Foster’s book, Gracenomics, he talks about what he calls a “vulture culture”. We as a culture circle around the broken life or event of someone and pick away at it until it is bones. Think about that image and you will realize that is exactly how this culture operates. He also stated that our society has had over a 48% decline in empathy in the last 30 years.

As a society, we find it very easy to be harsh about each others mistakes…We love revenge and paybacks….Often our judgement of others comes from our own weakness, impaired vision and skewed understanding. True grace is the exchange judgement for empathy. True Gracenomics is when you offer the same humanity to others that you use to filter your own life.

Foster poses this question in his study – “Am I unable to give grace or am I unwilling?” 

You have been given unconditional, unmerited love and yet you portray conditional, merit based love to the world!

Signs Of The Sheep

I can’t tell you how many pictures that have been posted by people I know on Facebook in the last couple of weeks that are appalling. How many “likes” and “shares” of pictures and harsh statements posed by large organizations. The masses just follow. Follow right down the path of religion, hate, conditional love, and every other thing that opposes grace.

You won’t serve a gay couple in your business because you don’t agree with gay marriage or their lifestyle. Perhaps this is your right as an American business owner but is that what grace and love call us to do? To turn someone away instead of loving them?  What about if they are an interracial couple? What then?

How about the man who committed the atrocity in the Colorado shootings? When do you think he needs love and grace the most?

When do you think he and others we encounter need Jesus the most? When do you think they will ever see Him and His unfailing love if we continue to be harsh, vengeful and turning them away.

Reality Check

I get so flustered when I think about how we treat others. I don’t have to like you. I don’t have to agree with you. I don’t have to share your opinions. We don’t have to share the same faith. But, I do have to love you and show you grace. Period. End of story.

Giving grace to the grace killers is one of the hardest to do. That is to those of you posting on Facebook or a picketer with a ridiculous sign or even those with wildly different views from mine.

I’m challenging you, especially those of you who profess to be Jesus Followers, to take a look at yourself and your life. Offer the same level of humanity that you filter your own life through and start extending that to others.

We are all loved. We are all righteous in His eyes through the work of Christ. So why the heck are we squabbling over such nonsense as political parties, denominational leanings, and the other assorted bull&*$# that has become our culture today?!

This life is but a blink on the radar of time. Don’t waste it in direct opposition to what you have been called to do – love God and love others.

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