What Happens When You Talk To Yourself?

Sometimes You Have A Game Changing Moment!

Isn’t it funny how some moments in life just happen to be game changing moments? Usually, the smallest almost fleeting thoughts can be the big ones that lead to those “a-ha” revelations.

I had one such moment a few weeks ago that I just have to share with you. Here’s how my “I’ll never be the same now” moment got started.

I talk to myself...like, a lot! When I’m in the car especially, I talk out ideas with myself. I’d prefer to think of it as “auditory white boarding”. It really helps me though to visualize my problem solving and become more innovative. So, I’m having one of those days my crazy mind has…you know, the one where you feel like someone must have slipped you some speed. Your brain is cranking out one thought after the other and it’s in warp speed?? Ever have those days?

As I’m thinking about a client I had worked with earlier in the day and talking myself through a comment I had made, it hit me.  And, I mean it was a game changing, life altering thought!!

What if….what if…there was a way to look at an obstacle and address it so that you never had to be overwhelmed with decision making again? What if, we could create a personal strategy that allowed us to project our future paths? 

Well, I’m here to tell you there is!  I was so excited by this new process that flowed out of me that it took me a couple of days to recover from it all.

Here is the thing, people. We can learn to assess a perceived roadblock or obstacle and identify what it truly is. From there we can take turn it into an opportunity not to only overcome the obstacle but create it into something we desire for our future!

I’ve had enough limiting beliefs in my life and I’m ready to create my future that I want and deserve.  So can you! With simple perspective shifts and a process to keep you moving forward in constant motion.

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