“Be a fountain, not a drain” – Rex Hudler.

Although I have heard this quote before I had to look up the point of origin which turned out to be this fella Rex Hudler. I have no idea who this is, however, Wikipedia was gracious enough to give me the down-low on this former MLB player. As it turns out, he has a long list of sayings, which you can find on his Wikipedia page. [Hopefully, I’ve given enough credit here and we can move on.]

Side Note: Ironically, as I delve into Mr. Hudler’s wiki info I discover he is the president of the non-profit Team Up For Down Syndrome which raises money for public awareness, housing, education, job training, family counseling and health care for those living with Down Syndrome. This article is about giving back!

I think the point is here – are we going to be overflowing, givers of life, love and grace? Or, are we going to be hoarders and leeches that suck others dry?

Those of us with good things to give should not be hoarding it but giving it away to others. Keep in mind “good things” is open to interpretation here based on your individual circumstances. It is not necessarily interchangeable with the word finances. I do believe that we should give of our hearts, our time, our energy, our skills to those in need. And, moreover do it with a cheerful heart. Why? Because we’ve been given so much!

I actually find a selfish notion under the surface with my give-backs. It feels good! I feel blessed by giving to others. I never walk away from an experience without learning something new about myself, humanity and God.

You have to give to make room for more. It’s like the hoarding that goes on in our walk-in closets. You know who you are! Deep in the back of the closet still lives your prom dress (for real? you think ruffles and glitter will make a comeback?), your pre-baby outfit (the kid is a Freshman let it go), or dear-old Grandad’s holey sweater. My point is we hold on to things that could bless someone else. In no way do I think your 1987 prom dress will benefit anyone now, except perhaps a bad vintage shop for a costume party.

It is time to take our talents off the shelf, to dust off our calendar and build in time for another. Become an overflowing fountain of service to mankind and watch the world change around you. Be a giver of grace. A fountain of love. A never-ending wealth of goodness for those around you.

Serving our fellow brothers and sisters could simply be your beautiful smile; the opening of a door for a mother with a stroller; a Good Morning to your neighbor; returning a runaway trash can lid to the guy down the street; saying a kind word to the neighborhood kid that always seems to be left out of the ball game. Do you see how easy this is? It doesn’t even require more than a few seconds of your time to start being a fountain.

It is infectious though, I warn you. Once you become a giver you cannot stop. It will overtake your heart and you will find ways to do more.

I encourage all of us to discover ways we can become fountains in the world around us. Be kind. Be a grace giver. Share the goodness in your life and watch it multiply right in front of you!

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